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Prof. J.D. Agarwal & Prof. Paul Samuelson Nobel Laureatte
Prof. J.D. Agarwal & Prof. Robert C. Merton, Nobel Laureatte
Prof. Merton H. Miller Nobel Laureatte
Mr. Chandra Shekhar, the then Prime Minister of India.
profaith.gif (2616 bytes) Sitaram Kesri
Dr. Ashok V. Desai (former Chief Consultant, Min. of Finance), Mr. Shankar, etc.
Dr. Manmohan Singh, the then Finance Minster of India, Mr. P. N. Dhar
IIF Linkages
International Students
International Students
Prof Aggarwal with Prof Staffan B. Linder
Mr. Arjun Singh, the then Union Minister of HRD, GOI & Prof. P.B. Sharma.
iif fraternity

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Page 1 Index Page download.GIF (481 bytes)
Page 2 Advisory Councils download.GIF (481 bytes)
Page 3
About IIF, Mission & Philosophy
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Page 4 IIF Academic Council download.GIF (481 bytes)
Page 5-6

Contributions and Achievements

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Page 6 Service to Society / Nation download.GIF (481 bytes)
Page 7

Accreditation and Linkages

Recent Ranks, Ratings and Awards

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Page 8 - 9 Chairman & Director - Prof. J. D. Agarwal download.GIF (481 bytes)
Page 10
IIF Newsletter
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Page 11
IIF Research Council
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Page 12-13

FINANCE INDIA: Editorial Board

FINANCE INDIA: The Quarterly Journal of Finance
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Page 14 Academic Resources
Computer Centre
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Page 15 Academic Resources
IIF Scheme for Emeritus Scientists
Best Doctoral Thesis Award Scheme
Financial Database
Seminars & Conferences
Foundation Day Lecture
Project Management Division
Financial & Tax Consultancy Division
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Page 16-17 Academic Fraternity
Faculty: Distinguished Resource
The Chairman & Director
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Page 18-20
Eminent Speakers at IIF
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Page 21
Sharing Human Resource
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Page 22 IIF Programmes

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Academic Standards
Career Opportunities
Placement and Summer Training
Interactive Pedeagogy
Teleconferencing Facilities
Examination Scheme
Evaluation System
Page 23 Regular Programme: Management of Business Finance(MBF)

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Course Structure
Page 24 Regular Programme:
Executive Management of Business Finance(EMBF)
Fellow Program in Finance(FBA[Finance])

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Page 25-26 Course Lisiting
Regular Programmes:
MBF, EMBF, FBA(Finance)

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Page 27
IIF's Global Arena
Exchange Programme
An Academic Year in the Life of IIF Student
A Week at IIF
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Page 28 Distance Learning Programmes
About DLP
Management of Business Finance(MBF)
Basic Business Finance(BBF)
Course Structure: BBF, MBF
Some Alumni of DLP
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Page 29- 30 Course Listing
Distance Learning Programmes:
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IIF Student Academic Life
Page 31 download.GIF (481 bytes)
IIF Fraternity
Academic Life
IIF Club
IIF Finance Fraternity
IIF Study Group
IIF Cyber Club
IIF Fraternity Activities
Page 32 The Focus for Placement, Summer Training & Sangoshti : Select Corporate Giants
Investment Bankers
Credit Rating Agencies
Stock Exchanges & Regulatory Bodies
Financial Institutions
Mutual Funds
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Inner Cover
Some Distinguished Alums
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Back Cover
A Profile of Faith
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