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IIF in News (Year : 1988)
Date Newspaper Title of News
12th February, 1988 Indian Express Depreciation Rates highest in India
16th February, 1988 The Times of India Tax Incentives highest in India : Study
21st February, 1988 The Economic Times Theoretical Models for Finance
28th February, 1988 Financial Express Fiscal Form
2nd April, 1988 Patriot New Model for Evaluating Projects
3rd April, 1988 The Economic Times Theoritical Models for Finance
3rd April, 1988 Indian Express New Model to Evaluate Capital Projects evolved
3rd April, 1988 Financial Express Capital Projects : New Evaluation Model Evolved
10th April, 1988 Financial Express Risky Business
20th April, 1988 National Herald Finance India fills up long existing gap
11th May, 1988 Patriot Portfolio Approach Suggested
11th May, 1988 Financial Express Tax Incentives : Portfolio Approach Suggested
11th May, 1988 The Times of India Portfolio Approach to Tax Incentives needed
15th May, 1988 Financial Express Only the Carrot
19th June, 1988 Financial Express Managing Money
19th June, 1988 The Economic Times Tax Incentives do not spur investments
21st June, 1988 Indian Express IIF Scheme for Social Scientists
22nd June, 1988 The Times of India New Scheme for Retired Social Scientists
30th July, 1988 Financial Express Forward Trading in Foreign Exchange
7th August, 1988 Financial Express The way they do the things they do
24th September, 1988 Financial Express New Model for Working Capital Management
1st October, 1988 Productivity Capital Budgeting Decisions under Risk and Uncertainity
8th October, 1988 The Hindustan Times Incentives & Earnings
14th October, 1988 Financial Express Study on Capital Use Released
15th October, 1988 The Hindustan Times Cess Mooted to Finance Education
23rd October, 1988 Financial Express An Amalgam from Hallowed Portals
27th November, 1988 Business Standard Capital Mirage Released
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