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IIF in News (Year : 1991)
Day, Date and Year Newspaper Title of News
2nd January, 1991 National Herald IIF Urges industry to pass on benefits to consumer
4th January, 1991 Financial Express Low Depreciation allowancee may step up profits
11th January, 1991 Financial Express Taxation & Finance
8th February, 1991 Financial Express A case for Direct Taxation
11th February, 1991 National Herald Drastic Economic measures suggested
11th February, 1991 Observer Economists for Hard Decisions
16th February, 1991 Navbharat Times Arthashastri Aaykar chut badane ke khilaf
16th February, 1991 Financial Express Fiscal measures to curb petroleum use : Economists
6th March 1991 Financial Express Corporate sector hails proposals
11th March, 1991 Financial Express Disinvestment of PSUs may backfire
11th March, 1991 Indian Express Disinvestmnet on PSUs may backfire
11th March, 1991 Competition Success Review Impact of Gulf war on India's Economy
12th March, 1991 Samachar Post Vote on Account
25th April, 1991 Indian Express "Abridged Co. Reports misleading shareholders"
25th April, 1991 Financial Express Abridged Company Reports
26th April, 1991 The Economic Times Measures to curb black money suggested
12th May, 1991 Financial Express Financial Distress
6th June, 1991 Financial Express Economists, bankers defend confiscated gold sale
13th June, 1991 Financial Express Divergent Views on Gold Sale
17th July, 1991 Navbharat Times Maal Badhe mein badhotari se mehangai aur zyada badegi : Vipaksh
18th July, 1991 Financial Express Comments on Railway Budget
22nd July, 1991 Financial Express Budget 91` : A Testimony of Economic Crisis
23rd July, 1991 Financial Express Non-Inflationary, Low Tax Budget
23rd July, 1991 The Hindu Non-Inflationary low tax budget needed
26th July, 1991 The Hindustan Times Railway Budget : Comments
29th July, 1991 Financial Express New Model for Evaluating Capital Projects
30th July, 1991 Financial Express Will the Budget really prove deflationary ?
9th August, 1991 Financial Express Economics of Fertiliser Subsidy
1st November, 1991 Competition Success Review Performance Of Public Sector
18th November, 1991 Navbharat Times Byaj par Aaykar Lagane ki ninda
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