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Things You Must Know About Whatsapp Web

What does Whatsapp Web actually means?. When talking about the hottest, most popular medium of communication and connecting with loved, ones worldwide, Whatsapp is the first name that clicks our mind.

Whatsapp is a freeware and Voice over IP service that allows its users to communicate through text as well as voice messages.

Whatsapp was founded in the year 2009 when free instant messaging was considered a huge deal among people. Since then, Whatsapp gained an audience all around the world and has recorded to have more than 1.5 billion active users in over 180 countries.

In early 2015, Whatsapp made it itself available on PCs, which made it a cross-platform messaging service. In January 2015, Whatsapp’s desktop version was officially announced with the name “Whatsapp Web”.

So let’s find out how to use Whatsapp Web and how it helped Whatsapp gain an even higher number of users. Whatsapp web is a computer based extension of the Whatsapp app available on your phones.

It helps users send and receive messages through their desktop computers by keeping both the devices fully synced. This way your WhatsApp chats are available and can be catered to using your phone as well as your PC. To use WhatsApp web is super easy. You can easily chat on our WhatsApp browser through your PC by following this easy step by step guild line.

Whatsapp Web Login - How To Login Whatsapp Web ?

  1. First of all, go to your browser and search for Whatsapp Web or just open https://www.whatsapp.com/

  2. When you open this page you will come across another page with various tabs. On the top right corner, you will find a tab that says "Whatsapp Web". Click on that.

  3. After clicking this tab a new page will open. On that page, a QR code along with a few instructions about how to open WhatsApp on your computer will appear.

  4. Those instructions will tell you to first open the WhatsApp app on your phone. On your phone Tap “Menu” or “Settings” and select Whatsapp Web. After clicking Whatsapp Web your phone camera will open, which you will have to point at the QR code given on your computer screens.

  5. After the scanning of the QR code, once the authentication process is completed (which usually takes a few seconds only), your WhatsApp account and your chats appear on your computer screen.

  6. Now you can easily send and receive messages through your desktop computer which is completely synced to your phone.

Although using Whatsapp Web is simple and easy, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind and can help make your experience with the desktop version of Whatsapp smoother.

What is Whatsapp Web QR code and how can you get one ?

Quick Response code or most commonly known as QR code is a square shaped graphical label that is understood as an upgrade to the conventional bar code. It is scanned and the concept of a QR code is to hold encrypted data that can only be accessed by a certain person or device, one that can match the QR code.

Whatsapp Web makes use of the QR code for a similar purpose. The QR code is scanned by the smartphone of the person trying to access their WhatsApp. After it is thoroughly scanned and authenticated, the browser version of WhatsApp allows access to the chat.

You can get a QR code for your WhatsApp Web every time you are trying to log in unless you have checked on the option to keep you signed in. A unique QR code is generated every time a new user tries to sign in or the old one expires.

whatsapp web

How To make a voice call or a video call through WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web was introduced to allow users to send text and voice messages to communicate with their contacts through their desktop PC so it officially does not allow users to make a voice call or video call.

This is because WhatsApp is technically a mobile interface (needs to be used through a smartphone only) and the web edition is a mere assistance to the users. However, many users have now started to download and use emulators that allow windows users to make video and voice calls through their WhatsApp web accounts.

Since emulators need to be separately downloaded and require a lot of personalization before using, users can only hope for an upgrade as reports have been surfacing that WhatsApp will soon release this feature in their desktop version as well.

Can you add and update your status through WhatsApp Web?

In February 2017 WhatsApp released a new feature called “Status” that allowed users to share pictures or videos (just like Snapchat stories) that stay on their account for the next 24 hours. Luckily, Whatsapp has made it possible to view and update statuses through their WhatsApp Web version but does not allow users to add one of their own.

To view, it is simple. All you have to do is find a circular icon that is present at the top right, adjacent to your profile picture. When you click on that icon, a new page will appear where on the left you will find out a list of your contacts who have added statuses.

You can click on their profile picture (a small circle beside their names) to video their statuses and can even send a comment on their status to them through personal message. One the right side you can view the updates of your status. You can see how many views you have received yet and how many hours are left until your status can be taken down by WhatsApp.

Some other key features available on WhatsApp Web

  • Whatsapp Web has a dark mode feature that has become super popular among users. It is best for battery saving and using WhatsApp during night time

  • WhatsApp Web enables users in creating engaging profile pages for their business. Since Whatsapp has now introduced business accounts, you can upgrade your Business account and Business groups through WhatsApp web as well and utilize it for smooth use.

WhatsApp Web Login was introduced as an assistant for people to access their contacts and chats through their personal computers. It has proven to be a great help to users and is now made WhatsApp even more popular around the world.

While using WhatsApp app just keep one important thing in mind that it syncs your smartphone to your PC so your mobile device needs to be charged and connected to a working internet device for you to access your WhatsApp account and smoothly chat with your friends and family.

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