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Eminent Speakers from Government / Diplomacy

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(L. to R)Prof. J.D Agarwal , Dr. Bhisham Naryan Singh Former Governor to 7 state, Former MP & Minister of State for Finance , GOI at Public Lecture on Union Buget 2002-03 at IIC



Prof. J.D Agarwal with Janaki, Chairman, State Bank of India  
(L to R) Mr. Benjamin Bassin, Ambassador of Finland, and Ambassadors of other Countires at International Conference on Financing India, 1998  

Dr. Ibrahim Mavlonav, Ambassador, Republic of Uzbekistan adressing the Faculty Members at IIF.


Some of the prominent Political leaders, Diplomats, Civil Servants and Administrators have delivered lectures at IIF (Select few):

Mr. Yashwant Sinha
Former Union Finance Minister & Minister of External Affairs, Govt. of India
Mr. Ved Prakash Goel
Minister of Shipping,GOI, MP (Rajya Sabha), BJP
Mr. Ram Niwas Mirdha
MP, Chairman, JPC Security Scam
Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh
Governor of Assam, Meghalya, Sikim, Arunachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu; Minister in Bhiar; Cabinet Minister of Parlimentary Affairs and Urban Development
Dr. Yogendra K.Alagh
MP, Former Member, Planning Commission
Dr. Ratnakar Pandey
Former MP
Dr. Abid Hussain
Former Ambassodor to USA
Dr. Ibrahim R. Mavlanov
Ambassodor, Republic of Uzbekistan
Mr. Song Oh

First Secretary, Embassy of Republic of Korea
Dr. Ashok V. Desai
Former Chief Economic Adviser, Govt. of India
Mr. B.B Pandit
Principal Director, Commercial Audit & Member Secy, Audit Board
Dr. B.P Mathur
Former Chairman, Audit Board, CAG
Mr. Bhure Lal, IAS
Secretary, Central Vigilance Commission, GOI
Mr. Deniesh Chandra, IAS
Principal Resident Commissioner, Govt. of Punjab
Mr. G.B. Parida, IRS
Commissioner of Income Tax, GOI
Mr. G.V.G. Krishnamurthy
Former Election Commissioner, ECI, GOI
Dr. J.R Arora
Advisor, Deptt. of Bio-Technology, GOI.
Ms. Janak Juneja, IAS
Director, Techinal Education, Govt. of Delhi.
Mr. Joginder Singh, IPS
Former Director, CBI
Mr. K.K Vavahare, IRS
Director, Dept. of Food Processing Industry, GOI.
Mr. M.L. Sharma, IPS
Joint Director, CBI
Mr. M.P Gupta
Former Addl, Secretary, Ministry of Finance, GOI
Mr. N. Vittal, IAS
Centeral vigilence Commissioner, Govt. of India
Mr. P.M. Nair, IAS
Joint Secretary, Minsitry of Defence, GOI & Presently, Secretary of the President of India
Mr. P.P Vora
CMD, National Housing Bank
Mr. R.S. Goel
Director, Centeral Water Commisssion, GOI
Mr. R.S Gupta, IPS
IG, (Prison), Delhi & Presently Commissioner of Police, Delhi
Dr. S. Chakraborty, Ias
Former Member, MRTP Commisssion.
Prof. S.K Khanna
Former Chairman, AICTE.
Mr. S.N. Bhargav, IRS
Commissioner Income Tax, Govt. of India
Ms. Somi Tandon
Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India
Mr T.N. Pandey, IRS
Former Chairman , Centeral Board of Direct Taxes
Mr. V. Suresh
MR. V.N. Kaila
Chief Controller of Accounts and Financial Advisor Ministry of Urban Development, Govt.of India
Mr. Vinay Shankar, IAS
Former Secretry, Centre-State Council, Min. of Home Affairs, GOI


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