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IIF in News (Year : 1988)
Date Newspaper Title of News
12th February, 1988 Indian Express Depreciation Rates highest in India
16th February, 1988 The Times of India Tax Incentives highest in India : Study
21st February, 1988 The Economic Times Theoretical Models for Finance
28th February, 1988 Financial Express Fiscal Form
2nd April, 1988 Patriot New Model for Evaluating Projects
3rd April, 1988 The Economic Times Theoritical Models for Finance
3rd April, 1988 Indian Express New Model to Evaluate Capital Projects evolved
3rd April, 1988 Financial Express Capital Projects : New Evaluation Model Evolved
10th April, 1988 Financial Express Risky Business
20th April, 1988 National Herald Finance India fills up long existing gap
11th May, 1988 Patriot Portfolio Approach Suggested
11th May, 1988 Financial Express Tax Incentives : Portfolio Approach Suggested
11th May, 1988 The Times of India Portfolio Approach to Tax Incentives needed
15th May, 1988 Financial Express Only the Carrot
19th June, 1988 Financial Express Managing Money
19th June, 1988 The Economic Times Tax Incentives do not spur investments
21st June, 1988 Indian Express IIF Scheme for Social Scientists
22nd June, 1988 The Times of India New Scheme for Retired Social Scientists
30th July, 1988 Financial Express Forward Trading in Foreign Exchange
7th August, 1988 Financial Express The way they do the things they do
24th September, 1988 Financial Express New Model for Working Capital Management
1st October, 1988 Productivity Capital Budgeting Decisions under Risk and Uncertainity
8th October, 1988 The Hindustan Times Incentives & Earnings
14th October, 1988 Financial Express Study on Capital Use Released
15th October, 1988 The Hindustan Times Cess Mooted to Finance Education
23rd October, 1988 Financial Express An Amalgam from Hallowed Portals
27th November, 1988 Business Standard Capital Mirage Released
IIF in News (Year : 1989)
Day, Date and Year Newspaper Title of News
8th January, 1989 The Economic Times Strategy for Economic Growth
22nd January, 1989 Express Magazine Eroded Assets
19th February, 1989 Financial Express A "High Funda" Conglomerate
22nd February, 1989 Patriot Fears about reduction in ICOR during 8th Plan
16th April, 1989 Financial Express Writing to a Plan
20th April, 1989 Financial Express Focus on Misutilisation of FI Loans
2nd May, 1989 The Economic Times Ministries told to save 5 pc of Budgetary Allocations
19th May, 1989 Financial Express Working Capital Management
18th June, 1989 Financial Express Tax & Sop are inevitable
22nd June, 1989 Financial Express A Comprehensive approach wanted
27th August, 1989 Financial Express Pardon Editor, your slip is showing
29th September, 1989 Financial Express Varying Views on ICOR
29th September, 1989 Patriot Drastic Improvement in Government Savings Urged
30th September, 1989 The Economic Times Savings and Growth
IIF in News (Year : 1990)
Day, Date and Year Newspaper Title of News
5th February, 1990 The Statesman Planning Panel estimates inaccurate
5th February, 1990 Indian Express Projection Excercises of Planning Panel needs scrutiny
5th February, 1989 The Telegraph Plan Projections Need scrutiny
28th April, 1990 Financial Express Industry for Whittling Fund bodies role
23rd December, 1990 Financial Express Modified Expenditure Tax
30th December, 1990 Financial Express Zero-base budget
IIF in News (Year : 1991)
Day, Date and Year Newspaper Title of News
2nd January, 1991 National Herald IIF Urges industry to pass on benefits to consumer
4th January, 1991 Financial Express Low Depreciation allowancee may step up profits
11th January, 1991 Financial Express Taxation & Finance
8th February, 1991 Financial Express A case for Direct Taxation
11th February, 1991 National Herald Drastic Economic measures suggested
11th February, 1991 Observer Economists for Hard Decisions
16th February, 1991 Navbharat Times Arthashastri Aaykar chut badane ke khilaf
16th February, 1991 Financial Express Fiscal measures to curb petroleum use : Economists
6th March 1991 Financial Express Corporate sector hails proposals
11th March, 1991 Financial Express Disinvestment of PSUs may backfire
11th March, 1991 Indian Express Disinvestmnet on PSUs may backfire
11th March, 1991 Competition Success Review Impact of Gulf war on India's Economy
12th March, 1991 Samachar Post Vote on Account
25th April, 1991 Indian Express "Abridged Co. Reports misleading shareholders"
25th April, 1991 Financial Express Abridged Company Reports
26th April, 1991 The Economic Times Measures to curb black money suggested
12th May, 1991 Financial Express Financial Distress
6th June, 1991 Financial Express Economists, bankers defend confiscated gold sale
13th June, 1991 Financial Express Divergent Views on Gold Sale
17th July, 1991 Navbharat Times Maal Badhe mein badhotari se mehangai aur zyada badegi : Vipaksh
18th July, 1991 Financial Express Comments on Railway Budget
22nd July, 1991 Financial Express Budget 91` : A Testimony of Economic Crisis
23rd July, 1991 Financial Express Non-Inflationary, Low Tax Budget
23rd July, 1991 The Hindu Non-Inflationary low tax budget needed
26th July, 1991 The Hindustan Times Railway Budget : Comments
29th July, 1991 Financial Express New Model for Evaluating Capital Projects
30th July, 1991 Financial Express Will the Budget really prove deflationary ?
9th August, 1991 Financial Express Economics of Fertiliser Subsidy
1st November, 1991 Competition Success Review Performance Of Public Sector
18th November, 1991 Navbharat Times Byaj par Aaykar Lagane ki ninda
IIF in News (Year : 1992)
Day, Date and Year Newspaper Title of News
26th, February 1992 The Economic Times Steps For Higher Revenue Receipts Hailed
1st March, 1992 Navbharat Times Udyogjagat Ne Budget Par Khushi Jahir Ki
1st March, 1992 Patriot The Common Man Is Livid
1st March, 1992 National Herald Growth Oriented' Budget Earns Praise
1st March, 1992 The Hindu A Pleasant Surprise For Many
12th March, 1992 The Observer of Business & Politics Economists Stress on Need To Cut Revenue Deficit, Check Inflation
15th March, 1992 The Hindustan Times Budget Proposals 'Will Only Deepen Crises'
15th March, 1992 National Herald Budget For All Walks
16th March, 1992 National Herald Gold Scheme To Check Inflation
19th March, 1992 The Economic Times Inflation May Settle Around 8-9 Per Cent
22nd March, 1992 Financial Express Seminar On Resource Mobilisation
23rd March, 1992 The Economic Times Presumptive Tax Urged On Farmers Having More Than 20 Hectres
23rd March, 1992 Financial Express Wide Support For Chelliah Proposals
23rd March, 1992 National Herald IIF For Taxing Rich Farmers
24th March, 1992 The Hindustan Times Funds For Vocational Training Demanded
26th March, 1992 The Economic Times Industry For Specific Budgetary Measures To End Recession
1st April, 1992 National Herald Debt Crisis Due To Wrong Policies
20th August, 1992 The Hindustan Times Scam Unsettles Banks
18th September, 1992 The Hindu Withdraw Price Hikes, Govt. Urged
18th September, 1992 Financial Express Govt. Continues To Draw Flak For Price Hike
20th September, 1992 National Herald Chelliah Panel Report Flayed
20th September, 1992 Financial Express Chelliah Report Termed Theoretical
21st September, 1992 Business Times Tax Reforms
14th October, 1992 Newsday Chelliah's Tax Reform: The Cost To The Nation
22nd October, 1992 Newsday Where Is The Equity In Giving Largess To Corporate Sector?
IIF in News (Year : 1993)
Day, Date and Year Newspaper Title of News
5th February, 1993 Navbharat Times Rupee Ki Poorna Privartaniyata Ke Mudde Par Matbhed
5th February, 1993 Financial Express Industrialists, Economists Differ Over Full Re. Convertibility
5th February, 1993 The Observer of Business & Politics Industrialists, Economists Split Over Convertibility
7th February, 1993 The Sunday Times Customs Reforms Catch Up With Indian Industry
8th February, 1993 Business Times Economists Favor Phased Cut In Duty
8th February, 1993 The Tribune Phased Reduction Of Duty Favored
8th February, 1993 Rashtriye Sahara Arthshastri Seema Shulk Mein Charanbaddh Katauti Ke Pakshadhar
8th February, 1993 Newsday Finance Commission Must Focus On Tax Collection
8th February, 1993 Newsday Higher Interest Rates Are Not Justifiable
17th February, 1993 The Tribune Economists Divided Over IT Limit
16th February, 1993 Business World Industrialists For Raising I-T Exemption Limit
25th February, 1993 Financial Express Sharp Criticism From Industry
25th February, 1993 The Hindustan Times Rail Freight Hike Will Have Cost Push Effect On Industry
26th February, 1993 Pragatishil Nayaya Dasavan Vitt Ayog: Agrawal Ka Mat
28th February, 1993 New Bulletin IES Holds Seminar On Communal Harmony & Economic Development
24th May, 1993 Financial Express Accounting For Financial Analysis
9th September, 1993 The Times of India Trading Curbs Induce Modest Rallies On SES
30th November, 1993 The Hindu Corporate Vigil And Watchdogs
12th December, 1993 The Sunday Statesman Listening Post Of Interviews And Interviewers
18th September, 1993 The Economic Times Portfolio Management: More Sinned Against
IIF in News (Year : 1994)
Day, Date and Year Newspaper Title of News
2nd January, 1994 Mid-Day The Singh Thing
6th February, 1994 Mid-Day Paying The Price
15th February, 1994 Business Day Banking On Banks
18th February, 1994 Financial Express Demand For Level-Playing Field Misplaced, Says Agarwal
26th February, 1994 Financial Express Calls Upon Government To Widen Tax Base
28th February, 1992 Newsday Union Budget/Which Is The Lesser Evil: Inflation Or Recession?
2nd March, 1994 The Hindu Corporate Tax Needs To Be Lower
15th May, 1994 Business Tribune Subsidized Services To Go: Chatha
20th June, 1994 University News Globalisaton And Liberalisation Of Indian Economy
26th July, 1994 The Observer of Business & Politics RBI: To Make Or Not To Make Money
20th August, 1994 The Observer of Business & Politics Exporters Will Be Exposed To Fluctuation, Say Experts
23th August, 1994 Financial Express There Is No Justification For SEBI To Act As A Bloodhound
30th October, 1994 The Hindustan Times AICTE Sets up Panel
IIF in News (Year : 1995)
Day, Date and Year Newspaper Title of News
1st February, 1995 Financial Express Wider Economic Role Forecast For Four Emerging Nations
14th October, 1995 The Weekend Observer $1.6b Capital Flight To US In 1993: Study
14th October, 1995 The Hindu Abnormal Capital Flight To Us?
14th October, 1995 Financial Express Capital Flight From India To Us Alarmingly High: Study
16th October, 1995 The Hindustan Times Exports To US Under-Priced, Imports Over-Priced
18th October, 1995 Deccan Herald Capital Flight From India To Us Totaled $ 4,423m In '93
18th October, 1995 The Statesman Capital Flight To $ 4.4b From India: Study
28th November, 1995 Chandigarh Newsline Black Money Touches Staggering Rs. 1,50,000cr Mark
11th December, 1995 Financial Express Achieving Minimization Of Capital Flight
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