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List of Study Material
Accounting For Financial Analysis
Organisation Behaviour
Economics for Decision Making
Quantitative Techniques for Financial Analysis Vol I
Quantitative Techniques for Financial Analysis Vol II
Readings in Financial Management
International Finance
Security Analysis
Literature in Finance Vol I : Corporate Finance
Literature in Finance Vol II : Accounting
Literature in Finance Vol III : Financial Systems and Markets
Literature in Finance Vol IV : Specialised Finance
Literature in Finance Vol V : Management
Literature in Finance Vol VI : Economics
Tax Incentives and Investment Behaviour
Capital Mirage
Expenditure Control & Zero Based Budgeting
Business Policy
Financial Management
Financial Management of Public Sector Enterprises
Indian Financial System
Management Accounting & Control
Management of Financial Institutions
MIS & Finance : Computer Applications
Project Appraisal : Planning & Control
Project Management & Investment Decisions
Security Analysis & Investment Management
Working Capital Management
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