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interactive pedeagogy

Ever since the Institute has started, there has been a policy of taking a Feedback from the students twice in a tri-semester on a five parameter scale i.e., Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, & Not Good/Not Read.

The students are expected to give their free and unbiased opinion on teachers / teaching in the semester; seminars; their involvement with the course; the degree of satisfaction with respect to conduct of program and academic resources; relevance of the course; benefit and usefulness of knowledge. They are also expected to give their overall assessment.

The Feedback sheet duly filled is not accessable to any other person of the Institute and supposed to be submitted to the Director/Chairman directly by the students.

The Director/Chairman analyses the Feedback sheet of the students and take corrective actions so as to consider the views and opinions of the students regularly to add value to the Program.

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