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12th August 2004 HRD Minister's Decision to setup CABE Committees Welcomed
28th July 2004 HRD Ministry decision to do away with the beureaucratic control over donations to Institutions of Higher education Welcomed
28th July 2004 Prof. Agarwal Welcomes the decision to revise Petro prices on a fortnightly basis
27th July 2004 Multi-Pronged Strategy to unearth Black Money Welcomed
22nd July 2004 Announcements of Finance Minister Welcomed
10th July 2004 Budget 2004 : Good Politics but Not Good Economics : J D Agarwal
8th July 2004 Quick reactions on Union Budget 2004
8th July 2004 Reactions on Union Budget 2004 : Aman Agarwal
01st July 2004 Financing Retirement
09th June 2004 Countdown to Budget 2004
26th March 2004 For Book Launch at APBC 2004 Philippines, Literature in Finance ­ I : Corporate Finance
26th March 2004 US Major hub for International Money Laundering of US $ 1 trillion
03rd March 2004 Financing Power Projects in India
03rd February 2004
Reactions on Interim Budget 2004-2005
20th January 2004
“India set to become Major Economic Power”
20th January 2004
Globalisation or not ?
11th January 2004
Finance India Editorial Board Member - Lawrence A. Gordon: Ranked 35th Worldwide in Accounting
8th January 2004

Volatality of International Financial Markets

8th January 2004
India Should take initiative to Setup a"Regional IMF-SAARC Monetary Fund"
8th January 2004
FDI Inflows in Developing Countries
3rd January 2004
International Financial Reforms : Policy Prescriptions
3rd January 2004
Sensex 6000 !! Steps Forward ?
3rd January 2004
World Financial Development & Crisis
3rd January 2004
Fx Reserves Crosses 100 bn. & Economic Growth
3rd January 2004
World Economy at the turn of Century
3rd January 2004
Need for IMF-SAARC Monetary Fund
1st January 2004
Current Economic Situation of India (2003)
27th December 2003
Hedge Funds: An Alternative Investment Option & Analytical Framework
9th December 2003
Comments on UGC’s Model Act for Universities for the 21st Century in India
8th December 2003
UGC On Private Universies
8th December 2003
IIMs Controversy
6th October 2003
Challenges Before Indian Economy
18th November 2003
HRDs Decision for Single Test for Management Education
3rd November 2003
Monetary & Credit Policy

11th September 2003

IIF Business School Director , Nominated on, ABI’s Research Board of Advisors, USA

10th September 2003
IIF Ranked , THE Best NICHE B-School in FINANCE In INDIA
(Outlook, 15 September, 2003)
28th February2003
Union Budget 2003 Reactions
27th February 2003
Union Budget 2003 Forecasts
27th February 2003
Economic Survey 2003 Reactions
27th February 2003
Railway Budget 2003 Reactions
5th February 2003
National Conference of Consumer Cooperatives
31th January, 2003
Book Release: "Frontiers of Management in the new Economy"
31st January, 2003
10th October 2002 Seminar on Disinvestment: Challenges & Options
5th September 2002 IIF Ranked 27th WORLDWIDE
2nd September 2002 Finance India , Ranked 3rd WORLDWIDE
24th May 2002 PM's Economic Package for J&K praised
19th March 2002
IIFBS Director Honoured
4th March 2002
Public Lecture on Budget 2002 by Prof. J.D. Agarwal
28th February 2002
Union Budget 2002-2003
27th February 2002
Observations on RAILWAY BUDGET 2002-2003
27th February 2002
Economic Survey 2001-2002
22nd February 2002
IIF Ranked 45th (based on ratings) by Business and Economic Data Links (of American Statistical Association) in finance category
30th July 2000
Does Investment Influence by Life Style ?
22nd July 2000
Observation on RBI's Intervention on Slide in The Value of India Rupee
16th June 1999
Kargil & Rupee Value
31st May 1999
Prof. J.D. Agarwal appointed Member of Research Board of Advisors, American Biographical Institute Inc.
27th February 1999
Comments on Union Budget-1999
26th February 1999
Budget 1999 : Forecasts
25th February 1999
Observations on Railway Budget
13th January 1999
Seminar on The EURO: Big Bang or Dual Phase 
 21st December 1998
Seminar on Financing India in the new Millennium - Revival &Growth Strategy
8th April 1998
Prof. Agarwal Welcome RBI Decision
5th April 1997
Tremendous Improvement in Medical & Health Care Through Prison Reforms
26th March 1997
Observations on Railway Budget 1997
25th March 1997
 Union Budget and Its Impact on Common Man
14th March 1997
Union Budget 1997: Impact on Capital Market
27th February 1997
AIMA Fellow Award
25th February 1997
 Budget 1997: Expectations & Needs
22th February 1997
No Justification for Raising Petrol Prices
19th February 1997
Operationally Efficient Firms are more Profitable in Sugar Industry: Study
14th February 1997
Academic & Research Tie-Up of IIF, Delhi with FIU, USA
31st January 1997
Seminar on Captial Flight & Implications for India
28th January 1997
Abnormal Capital Flight to USA
14th January 1997
IIF Director in Marquis Who's Who in The World
27th December 1996
Seminar on Leadership Behavior and Ethical Values
12th October 1996
Seminar on Organisational Restructuring and Beyond
23rd September 1996
Seminar on Anglo French Textile Mil-Revival of a Sick Unit- A Case Study
20th September 1996
Seminar on Technical Education -Challenges & Need in the Current Global Secnario
16th September 1996
Seminar on Strategies & Challenges for Managers in the Emerging Scenario
17th August 1996
Seminar on Challenges for Managers & Liberalization
20th July 1996
Seminar on Financial Management
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