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3rd Dec. 2007

SZIU, Hungary awards "Doctor Honoris Causa"
Honorary Doctorate of Economics
to Prof. J.D. Agarwal

3rd Dec 2007

Chief Guest Address on
Innovations & Developments in
Financing and Investment in Agriculture and Rural Development
(with special reference to India and Hungary)

Prof. J.D. Agarwal
on 3rd December 2007 at Godollo, HUNGARY
  Keynote Address Presentation
  Audio of Keynote Speech

  Video of Keynote Speech

7th Oct. 2007

Prof. J.D. Agarwal Interviewed on "Rupee Appreciation : Implications on Indian Economy on DD-Lok Sabha.

Relay Schedule on
DD- Lok Sabha :

7th Oct. 07: 9 pm - 10 pm
8th Oct. 07: 10 pm - 11 pm
9th Oct. 07: 10 am - 11 am

19th Sept. 2007

Plenary Keynote address at the Italian Parliament
(Sala delle Colonne)

Prof. Aman Agarwal
on 19th September 2007 at Rome, ITALY
  Keynote Address Presentation
  Program Details : at IIF and at Economica Reale
  Audio of Keynote Speech at
    Radio Radicale Italy and SherpaTV

7th Sept. 2007

Indian Institute of Finance signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with InterSafety, CANADA

7th Sept. 2007

Indian Institute of Finance signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Russian Academy of Public Administration, RUSSIA

5th Sept. 2007

4th Sept. 2007

Professor J. D. Agarwal invited to deliver Opening Speech in the Plenary Session of Modeling and Analysis of Safety and Risk in Complex Systems (MA SR -2007)
Russian Academy of Sciences
International Scientific School
Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA, September 4-8, 2007

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