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IIF Club (Alumni)

IIF is proud of its passed Alumni (students) working in different organizations in different capacities and contributing to their best capabilities towards productivity and profitability of these organizations to make India strong and prosperous and to maximize the welfare of the people of India and the world.

The Founder has decided that the Governing Body of Indian Institute of Finance would have representations from Alumni and current Students to encourage Alumni and Students participation in the Governance of the Institute. In a Governing body of 15 Members, 4 would be Alumni and 2 current students would be represented.

Alumni Meetings are scheduled to be held on 3rd Sunday of February every year at the IIF Campus, 45 A, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida.

Alumni interested to attend is requested to register in Google Form (https://forms.gle/TGRwzh9Tmm88aRgU6)

The Members includes students who have successfully completed the program.

The students are requested to update the information about the company they are currently working to keep Alumni Database updated all the time.

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