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IIF has close linkages with the industrial world. IIF is a member of ASSOCHAM, CII, FICCI, PHDCCI, Indo-American Chambers of Commerce & Industry and others. IIF is regularly invited to meetings, delegations, seminars and conferences and dicussions held / organised in these chambers. IIF also represents on different committees of these chambers.

Indian Industry, banks and financia institutions have been extending the relevant support to the Institute and its activities.

More than 1500 IIF Alumni are serving the industry, banks and financial institutions efficiently and successfully at different levels and contributing to their productivity.

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List of Corporate Speakers at IIF (Select few)
Dr. A. Bhattacharya
Economic Advisor, ONGC
Mr. A.C. Tiwari
Former Deputy, B&G, GOI
Mr. A.K. Doda
Mr. A.K. Wahi
Sr. Vice President (HRD & MIS), Vam Organic Chem . Ltd.
Dr. A.V. Chaturvedi
Chief Engineer, CPWD, Govt. of India
Mr. Amit Jain
Management Consultant
Dr. Amrish Gupta
Vice President, DB Merchant Banking Service Ltd.
Mr. Amul Gogna
Executive Director, ICRA
Ms. Anjana Porwal
Finanicial Consultant
Mr. Anupam Bhasin
Sr. Vice President, Hero Corporate
Mr. Arun Kaul
MD, PNB Gilts Limited
Mr. Ashok Singh
VP (HR), Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals
Mr. Ashok Singh
VP (HRD), Chambal Fertilisers & Chemicals
Mr. B.G. Roy
Chairman & MD, Siemens Telecom Ltd.
Mr. B.M. Khanna
Former Chairman, MTNL
Mr. B.S. Kulkarni
Chief Manager, United Western Bank Ltd.
Dr. Bansi Dhar
Chairman, DCM Shriram Industries
Mr. Bhure Lal, IAS
Chairman, FCI
Mr. Bob Warner
Chairman, Timex
Mr. D. K. Babber
CS & Exec. Director, (Law), NTPC
Mr. D.K. Bakshi
GM (HRD), Luxar India Ltd.
Mr. D.K. Bhatia
Former Economic Advisor, Reserve Bank of India
Mr. D.R. Sen
Seior Manager, (HRD), DCM Ltd.
Mr. G.P. Rao
Sr. General Manager, J.K. Corps.
Mr. H.K. Mohanty
Sr. Vice President - (HRD), ABB Ltd.
Mr. J.C. Jhuraney
Vice President (Personnel & HRD), JCT Electronics
Mr. J.R.K. Gallav
MD, Indovest Financial Services Ltd.
Mr. Jayant Dang
MD, Escorts Finance
Mr. Jitendra Nath Goel
Former GM, State Trading Corporation, GOI
Mr. M.A. Hakeem
Secretary General, SCOPE
Dr. M.C. Bhandari
Director, Vaikunthlal, MICM
Mr. Mambi Rajan R.
MD, PNB Housing Finance
Mr. Manoj Bhalla
Vice President, Citi Bank
Mr. Manoj Kaushik
CEO, Sai Home Finance Ltd.
Dr. Meenakshi Nayyar
Chief GM (HRD), DCM Ltd.
Mr. Mudit Saxena
Vice President, Bank of America
Mr. Navneet Kampani
VP (Head Northern Region), Fortune Financial Services
Ms. Neena Malhotra
Managing Director, Goodwil Exports Pvt. Ltd. & Former President, DMA
Mr. P.C. Luther
Padamshri, Former Chairman, STC, DVC, MMTC
Dr. P.K. Gupta
Secretary General, NAFEN
Mr. P.N.Vijay
Managing Director, P.N.Vijay Finance Services Ltd.
Mr. P.S. Rana
Executive Director, HUDCO
Mr. Pradeep Kr. Taluja
Former Chief Law Officer, IDPL
Mr. Prashant Bansal
Research Analyst, Tata Finance
Ms. Puneeta Sinha
MD, Open Himer, Boston, USA
Mr. R.C. Bhargava
Former MD, Maruti Udyog Ltd.
Mr. R.K. Gupta
Former MD, SBI
Mr. R.K. Pandey
Former Executive ,Director, Delhi Stock Exchange
Mr. Raghuraman
Advisor Energy, CII
Mr. Rajesh Srivastava
MD - India, GIC, U.S.A.
Mr. Ranjan Dhawan
MD, PNB Guilt
Ms. S. Hooda
Chairman, India Development Group, U.K.
Mr. S. Mohan
Senior Manager (Training), Ranbaxy Laboratory Ltd.
Mr. S. Sridhar
Regional Head, EXIM Bank
Ms. Venkataraman
Executive Director, Modi Alcatel Network
Dr. S.K. Bhatia
Former Director, OIL India Ltd.
Mr. S.L. Bhambri
Director (HRD), BHEL
Col. S.P. Wahi
Former Chairman, ONGC
Dr. Sai Ramachandran
Director, Pearl Polymer Ltd.
Mr. Sandeep Vij .
Managing Director, Escorts Finance Ltd
Dr. Sharan Juneja
Former Vice President (HRD), CIMMCO Group
Ms. Shobha Ahuja
Manager, Assocham
Mr. Shyam Ramamoorthy
Supply Chair. Manager, Rohm & Hass Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Subhash Jagota
G.M. (HRD), Punj Lloyd Ltd.
Mr. Sudarshan Sareen Chairman, DSIDC
Mr. Sunil Mohan Buckshee Advisor, Thompson Press India Ltd.
Mr. Supravat Shaw General Manager, Raunaq Finance Ltd.
Dr. T.K. Bhownik Senior Policy Advisor, CII
Mr. T.K. Sinha Former CMD, SBI
Mr. U.K. Dikshit Director, Center for Development, SCOPE
Ms. Usha Venkatesan Zonal Manager, UTI
Dr. V.K. Garg Director (Finance), Powergrid Corpn. Ltd.
Mr. Vinod Madhok Director (Finance), Dalmia (Bros.) Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Vishnu Dusad Managing Director, Nucleas Software Ltd.
Mr. Vivek Nagasaki Vice President (Finance), Hewlett Packard
Mr. Y.K. Gupta General Manager, Larsen & Toubro

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