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101 Accounting for Financial Analysis:
Understanding Financial Statements; Analysis of Financial Statements- Ratio Analysis, Funds Flow Statement, Cash Flow Statement; Accounting Concepts and Conventions; Accounting for Depreciation, Inventory Valuation, Managing Public Issues, Financial Statements of Banking, Insurance and Non-Profit entities, Price level changes; Appropriation of Profits; Recent Trends in Corporate Reporting.

102 Organisational Behaviour :
Nature of Organisational Behaviour; Theories of Organisation Behaviour; Organisational setting; Group dynamics and organisational behaviour; Conflict and intergroup behaviour; Motivation and organisational behaviour; Communication and group decision making; Leadership; Organisational controls

103 Quantitative Techniques: Statistics & Econometrics:
Managerial decision making and Statistics; Frequency distribution and their analysis; Index Numbers; Probability Theory, Sampling and sampling distributions; Estimation; Tests of Significance; Constructions of Confidence intervals for means and proportions; Simple Linear regression analysis; Simple Correlation analysis; Multiple regression and correlation analysis; Time series analysis.Introduction to Nature and Scope of Econometrics; Linear Models; Extension of the Linear Model; Generalised Least Squares (GLS) estimation; Simultaneous Equations models; Monte Carlo Studies, Simulation process, Evaluating simultaneous models; Simultaneous confidence intervals

104 Economics for Financial Analysis-I: Micro Economics:
Demand and Supply Analysis; Production; Cost of Production; Profit Maximisation and Competitive Supply; Competitive Markets; Market Power - Monopoly, Monopsony, Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly; Market for Factor Inputs; General Equilibrium and Economic Efficiency; Externalities and Public Goods.

105 Management Science:
Scientific decision making; Mathematical models and decision theory;Matrices, Convex set & Convex function,Linear Programming (Resource Allocation) - Graphical and simplex method, Transportation and Assignment, Duality and Post Optimality, Sequencing, Game Theory, Queuing Theory, PERT/CPM, Markov analysis; Non-Linear Programming - Integer programming and its applications, Goal programming, Formulation and applications, Applications of Dynamic Programming, Simulation Techniques and Applications, Cases of Operations Research

106 Business Environment & Ethics:
Economic Environment, Factors affecting Demand, Market Environment, Value Systems, Trends & Structure of Indian Economy; Socio-Cultural EnvironmentClass Structure, Demographic Profile, Life Styles; Financial Environment, Fiscal System;Banking, Insurance, Financial Institutions, Export Finance, Public Issue, Company Deposits,Debentures Environment & Ecology - Ecosystem, Deterioration in Environment & Ecological Imbalances, Threats to Ecosystems, Government Policy towards Environment; Political Environment - Shift in Political Weather, Effects of Attitudes/Preferences; Business Environment, Industrial Policy, Privatisation, Policy on Foreign Investment & Technology; Business Ethics. Main provisions of : Indian Contracts Act, 1872; Negotiable Instruments Act, 188; Companies Act, 1956 ; Monopolies & Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969; Consumer Protection Act, 1986 ; Securities & Exchange Board of India Act, 1992; Patents Act; Securities & Contracts Act, 1956; Sick Industrial Companies Act, 1985; Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.

201 Organisational Development:
Organisational Environment; Organisational Change, Change Process, Resistance to Change, Management of Change; Approaches to Organisational Development, Organisational Development Process; Team Building; Organisational Dynamics, Power & Politics; Organisational Climate, Components of Organisational Climate; Morale; Organisational Culture & Sub-cultures; Socialisation ; Organisational Culture, Organisational Effectiveness.

202 Introduction to Computers:
Introduction to Computer Systems; Components of a Computer System; Computer Software and Hardware; Introduction to Networking Concepts -Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, E-mail, Internet ; Storage & Retrieval of Data ; Application Packages -Spread Sheets, Word Processing, Data Base Management Systems Packages, Graphics, Statistical Packages, Financial Packages.; Managing Data Processing in Organisation; E-Commerce.

203 Economics for Financial Analysis-II:Macro Economics:
National Income Concepts and Methods of Estimating; Theory of National Income Determination; Analysis of Money Market ;Credit Market- Working and Control Mechanism; General Equilibrium - IS-LM Model; International Aspects of Macroeconomics ; Theory of Public Finance; India’s Public Finance; Macroeconomics Policies. Consumption function, Saving and Investmnent, Theory of Employment and Income, Inflation-causes and consequences

204 Managerial Accounting & Control:
Managerial Accounting Environment; Cost Flows and Concepts; Structure and Analysis of Cost; Techniques of Costing; Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis ; Standard Costing and Variance Analysis; Budgeting & Budgetary Control; Inventory Planning & Control; Pricing Decisions, Recent Developments.

205 Financial Management:
Basic Concepts of Valuation; Investment Decisions - Techniques of Capital Budgeting; Cost of Capital; Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting; Financing Decisions - Theories of Capital Structure, Planning the Capital Structure, Assessment of Debt Capacity; Dividend Decisions, Models of Dividend Policy ,Legal Aspects of Dividends; Working Capital Management, Financial Statement Analysis. Financial Markets, Internal Financing, Lease Financing, Merchant Banking, Corporate Restructuring.

206 Business & Corporate Taxation-I: Direct Taxes:
Nature and Scope of Corporate Taxation ; Taxation for Property Business , Individual, Partnership Firms , Corporate Tax and Procedure; Assessment Procedure; Wealth Tax.

301 Business & Corporate Taxation--II: Indirect Taxes:
Sales Tax- Rationale, Structure and Adminstration of SAles Tax in India; Excise Duty- Rationale of Excise Duty, Classification of Goods, MODVAT,Valuation, Refund; Custom Duties-Rationale, Classification of Goods, Import & Export tariff, Duty Drawback, Search & seizure, Appeals and Revisions.

302 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management:
Objectives of Financial Investment; Markets for Securities; Security Returns and Valuation; Risk Factors; Economic Analysis; Industry Analysis; Company Analysis; Technical Analysis; Bond Analysis ; Stock Market in India ; Indian P/E Ratios & their Role; Securities Market Systems & Dynamics. Basic Approaches to Portfolio Management ; Portfolio Theory; Bond Management Strategies; Portfolio Selection; Portfolio Analysis; Portfolio Management and Performance Measurements; Portfolio Revision Techniques; Management of Mutual Funds; Modifying Portfolio with Derivatives; International Diversification.

303 Working Capital Management:
Overview; Working Capital Policies; Planning of Working Capital; Analysis of Working Capital; Financing & Control of Working CApital,Management of Cash Marketable Securities, Receivables, Inventory, Current Liabilities.

304 Indian Financial System:
Structure & Functions of Financial System, Equilibrium in Financial Markets; Overview of the Indian Financial System; Reserve Bank of India; Commercial Banking in India; All India Development Finance Institutions; Financial Sector Reforms; Specialised Financial Institutions; Money Markets; Capital Markets; Mutual Funds; Credit Rating; Non-Banking Financial Companies; Venture Capital; Foreign Institutional Investors; Insurance Companies.

305 Business Policy & Corporate Strategy:
Concept of Corporate Strategy; Mission, Objectives & Goals; Social Aspects of Business Policy; Environmental Analysis of Business Policy; Analysis of Internal Resources; Strategic Planning; Choice of Strategy; Strategy Implementation; Review and Evaluation of Strategy.

306 MIS & Finance: Computer Applications:
Meaning, Nature and Objectives of Management Control System; Systems Theory & Management Control; Financial Control; Management Control in Functional Areas - Production & Inventory Control, Marketing & Distribution Control, Personnel Function, Management Control in Service Organisation.

401 International Finance:
Scope of International Finance, Balance of Payment & Exchange Rate Determination; Foreign Exchange Market; Forward Exchange Rates; Currency Futures; Currency Options; Evolution of International Monetary and Financial System; International Investment; Exchange Rate Management; International Banking; Nature of Global Financial Market; Growth and Special Problems of Multinational Corporations; Financial Dimensions of International Trade; Multinational Working Capital Management; Foreign Trade Financing.

402 Corporate Tax Planning & Management:
Nature and Scope of Corporate Taxation; Methods of Tax Planning; Selection of Appropriate Form of Organisation; Corporate Tax Management Through ManagerialDecisions; Accounting Precautions To Maximise a Tax Relief;Tax considerations in certain cases.Minimum Alternate Tax, Corporate Tax Management through Financial Policies, Wealth Tax on closely held companies.

403 Management of Financial Institutions:
Financial Institutions & Economic Growth; Types of Financial Institutions; Role of Reserve Bank of India in maintaining Regulations in India, Management of Commercial Banks, Development Banks, Investment Institutions; Financial Sector Reforms.

404 Project Appraisal:
Planning & Control: Project Appraisal - An Overview; Market Appraisal; Technical Appraisal; Estimates and Projections; Financial Appraisal; Risk Analysis of Projects; Social Cost Benefit Analysis; Identification of Investment Opportunities; PERT and CPM; Project Review Procedures.

405 Financial Planning:
Strategic Financial Planning; Scanning Financial Environment; Cash Flow Budgets; Financial Planning with Pro-forma Balance Sheet; Advanced Financial Analysis & Planning; Short-term & Long-term Financing; Financial Planning Model.

406 Financial Management of Public Sector Enterprises:
Objectives & Strategy of Public Enterprises; Management of Public Enterprises; Financial Management in Public Sector; Production Management; Accountability and Control; Investment Financing & Project Appraisal.

407 Project Management & Investment Decisions:
Investment Decision Making - Basic Consideration : Risk and Return; Identification of Invt. Opportunities; Market Appraisal; Technical Appraisal; Estimates and Projection; Financial Appraisal; Social Cost Benefit Analysis; PERT and CPM - Time and Resource Planning; Project Review and Control Stop by Stop Procedure.

408 Budgeting & Budgetary Control:
Management Process; Fundamentals of Budgeting; Classification & Types of Budgets; Budgeting Process; Application of Budgeting; Performance Evaluation and Follow Procedures; Analysis of Budget Variances & Budgetary Control.

409 Personal Investment & Tax Planning:
Nature & Prospects of Personal Investment; Savings & Investment; Investment setting; Investment Analysis & Management; Risk & Returns; Modern Portfolio Theories; Portfolio Management & Performance; Tax Planning & Investment, Capital Gains; Income from other sources; Deduction & Rebates.

700 Project Work (Equivalent to two courses) :
With the objective of providing greater flair of corporate experience, each participant is required in Semester IV/VI, to be associated with a Corporate House and choose a practical problem relevant to the Company. The participant is expected to understand/ comprehend the problem, evaluate the various options and then suggest feasible solutions for the same.

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