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Fellow Program in Business Administration (FBA[Finance])
[A Three year Full Time / Part Time Research Programme along the lines of Ph.D and DBA of USA]

FBA Finance is an intensive doctoral level programme in Financial Economics, curricula at par with Ph.D of international standards, based on international experience and the needs of Indian Academia.

Yearly Fees (Rs.) - Regular Yearly Fees (Rs.) - Distance Learning
Ist Year Fees
I General Category Seats 4,50,000 + GST 90,000 + GST
II Direct Admission / Sponsored Seats / NRI (Incl. SAARC Countries) 6,00,000 + GST 1,35,000 + GST
III Foreigners 9,00,000 + GST 1,80,000 + GST
IInd Year / IIIrd Year - Registration Fees (Max 5 Years from Date of Enrollment)
I General Category Seats 30,000 + GST 30,000 + GST
II Direct Admission / Sponsored Seats / NRI (Incl. SAARC Countries) 45,000 + GST 45,000 + GST
III Direct Admission / Sponsored Seats / NRI (Incl. SAARC Countries) 60,000 + GST 60,000 + GST


To promote research, the Fellow Programme in Finance (FBA Finance) is designed to provide knowledge and analytical abilities necessary to conduct high quality research and teaching in the field of finance.

Master's or Post Graduation in any discipline from an Indian or Foreign university with minimum of 60% marks [55% marks for SC/ST/OBC] or MBF from Indian Institute of Finance with minimum of 60% marks.

Selection Criteria

Top 3 University Position Holders & College Topper (with Distinction) are exempt from Written Test & are provided with Rs. 20,000 scholarship per year.

Admission to IIF programs is very rigorous. The admission to Fellow progrmme is through Group Discussion (GD) and Interview.

The Grades are given on the basis of candidate's past academic records, other achievements, work experience, professional growth positioning and personal interview for all categories of candidates.

NRI/Foreign/Corporate sponsored candidates are also required to appear for GD and interview. There is no written test for candidates applying for EMBF and FBA Finance. However, the admission to EMBF & FBA is through interview and GPS.

IIF follows a policy to admit some women candidates, even if their comparative GPS is relatively low but above the minimum cut off point. The admission policy of the Institute takes into consideration a candidate's total background.

Admission is strictly on merit. Convessing in any form would disqualify a candidate for admission.

Program Module
The Fellow programme is designed along the lines of PhD programme. A continuous integeratedFBA Management Program approach to research is followed. The Fellow programme is based on course work, comprehensive theory examinations, participation in significant research through economic series in the research workshop, research papers & book reviews. Besides there is a dissertation and research/teaching requirement.

A candidate is required to attend the course work of 18 papers in the first three semesters (1st Year) of MBF. (Please see course structure of MBF for details). In the second year the Fellow is to attend seminars, attempt book reviews and develop the research proposal for dissertation under the guidance of the faculty coordinator. The Fellow is required to present the research proposal to the workshop. The Fellow is to work on the dissertation in the second year and submit the thesis after three years of enrollment. All Fellows are required to undergo one year teaching cum research assistantship at the Institute or a University.

The dissertation should be an original research work making a positive and significant contribution to knowledge. It must not have been submitted in part or in full for any other diploma or degree of any university or Institution

Teaching & Research Assistantship
All Fellows are required to undertake teaching & research assistantship either at the Institute or University or in Industry for completion of the program. The Teaching Assistantship cum Research Fellowship can be taken anywhere in the World. Those who choose to undertake the same at IIF, would be provided with stipend to take care of their general expenses and services rendered. Teaching Fellowship/Assistantship for Full Time Research Fellows on Campus ONLY will reange from Rs. 12,000/- - Rs. 15,000/- per month in 1st Year & Rs. 15,000/- - Rs. 18,000/- per month from 2nd Year Onwards.

Course Structure
Year I
Semester I
Accounting for Financial Analysis
Economics for Decision Making
Data Analytics & QT Forecasting for Finance
Computer Applications in Finance
Regulatory Framework of Business
Organisational Behaviour
Semester II
Indian History, Culture & Business
Macro Economics & Public Finance
Operations Research for Finance & Risk Analysis
Human Resource Management
Strategic Marketing Management
Management Accounting & Control
Semester III
301 Econometrics, Data Mining & Business Intellegence
302 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
303 Corporate Finance & Valuation
304 Corporate Tax Planning
305 Banking, Regulators & Financial Institutions
306 Personal Finance, Insurance & Investments
All courses are 3 credits each.
Year II onwards
All FBA candidates are required to pursue their thesis work
as suggested in programme module above
Daily & Weekly Financial Review
Bi- Weekly Seminars

Interactive Teaching Pedagogy
The development of individual skills and decision making capacity is emphasized throughout. The treatment of the fundamentals and theory is provided systematically by the faculty through lectures, panel discussions, group exercises, practical problems solving sessions, case studies, role plays and syndicate sessions, brain storming sessions, financial review, seminars and use of audio visual aids. Ample opportunity is provided to the students to raise specific issues and sharing of their experiences.

Students are exposed to a large number of industry & real life cases. IIF has developed an inventory of over 500
Case Studies.

To make students job oriented and industry ready, the teaching at the Institute is supplemented by Eminent Lecture Series : Lectures/Seminars from senior managers from industry, Academicians (visiting Professors of other leading institutes/universities), banks, financial institutions, bureaucrats and IIF old students; through Seminars & Conferences; Webinars; AIR &TV interviews of IIF Faculty giving an historical perspective national economic issues, Educational films and analysis of Financial Statements of Companies. Students are sponsored to attend national level conferences organized by trade & Industry chambers; to various TV channels and to industrial visits to gain exposure and to facilitate interactions with industry leaders.

Evaluation System
The evaluation system in the Institute is continuous and rigorous. The system is expected to motivate the students towards excellence through continuously monitoring their performance and providing them timely feedback. A student is evaluated on the basis of class participation, quizzes, corporate interaction, home/class assignments, presentation, managerial experience (inhouse training), industrial trainings, mid-term and final examinations.

Examination Scheme
The examinations are conducted at the end of each semester. Each paper is of 100 marks. Each question paper is divided into five sections. All the sections are required to be attempted by the candidate. Section I is of 15 marks and contains concept test with 15 true/false questions. Section II is of 20 marks and has 10 multiple choice questions. Section III is of 20 marks and has four short answer questions. Section IV is of 20 marks and contains two long answer questions. Section V is of 25 marks and includes a detailed case study.

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