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There are a student clubs for various activities in cultural aspects, art, sports, ideology and career fields in order that the students can develop leadership characteristics, individual social relationships and decision-making skills and that can spend their leisure time as effectively as possible. These clubs make contribution to the student life and education by organizing cultural, artistic, scientific, sportive and technological activities such as exhibitions, movie screening, panels, workshops & conference organization, festivals & expositions, research, analysis and observation activities.
IIF Fraternity
IIF Fraternity provides an excellent opportunity whereby the interests of the students can be represented. The Fraternity acts as a center for interaction and dissemination of information among members who are now senior executives in their respective fields. Headed by the students this club also undertakes all activities of the institute including organizing IIF Eminent lecture series; seminars and workshops, webinars, debates, cultural functions, Inter-institute management functions etc.
IIF Cyber Club
Computers and computer chips are today embedded in just about everything that we use. IIF has set up cyber club to facilitate communication electronically with people at other institutions world wide through the internet and e-mail and aims to increase students awareness of information technology and their uses in our daily life and finances, with a view to prepare citizens of tomorrow who are better suited to deal with information technology.
IIF Alumni Club
No matter whether you have graduated this year or 20 years ago; you are always a part of IIF and we really do care about your professional and personal development. The Alumni Club is here to enable us to stay in contact. For a premier educational institution, a strong alumni base is an enormous asset. The IIF Alumni Club works as a team to connect and unite our esteemed alumni network, which constitutes a huge body of immensely talented management graduates world over.The membership of the Alumni Club is open to all graduates of Post Graduate and Fellow programmes at IIF.
IIF Finance Club
IIF Finance Club is a hub of knowledge, a platform for interactive learning and facilitate for career progress by connecting students, industry and academia. IIF has set up a finance fraternity to debate and discuss issues of contemporary relevance in the areas of finance and accounting in a free and frank atmosphere. The Finance Fraternity constitutes of IIF Students, Faculty, visiting Faculty and Alumni. Outsiders seriously interested in the field of finance and such contemporary issues are welcome and often invited to be a part of fraternity activities.
IIF Cultural Club
There is abundance of cultural talent at IIF and IIF Cultural club provides platform for those talents to flourish. It promote opportunities for everyone to experience culture, participate in educational programmes and develop their creative abilities. It also promotes a dynamic cultural heritage that is preserved, used and developed and helps the students to know themself better about their interests, abilities, aptitudes and opportunities apart from sharpening thier communication and presentation skills.
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