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Professor Aman Agarwal
MPA(Columbia University, USA);
Specialised Prog. in Finance (London School of Economics, UK)

AGARWAL, Aman (India) has been felicitated by being Enthroned to a Chair position of the St. Emillion Brotherhood (from 8th Century AD) by the Heritage City of Bordeau, France (on 28th June 2007). A special Honour and Privilege given to World figures in Business, Arts and Science. He has also been felicitated by a nomination for the Honorary Doctorate of Finance by University of Cergy-Pontoise Thema, France (in 2007) and the Honorary Professorship as Professor of Uzbekistan by Tashkent State University of Economics, Uzbekistan (in 2002), a 76 years old prestigious university in Uzbekistan (estd. 1931), in recognition of his contribution to academics and literature. He has studied at some of the most illustrious Institutions like Delhi University, Indian Institute of Finance, London School of Economics and Columbia University. He has also pursued a specialized program in Finance on Options, Futures and Other Derivatives from London School of Economics. He has also pursued the joint Japan/World Bank initiated Senior Executive program in Economic Policy Management from Columbia University at School of International & Public Affairs and has had a short stint at The World Bank in Washington DC, USA.

He is currently heading as Professor of Finance and Vice-Chairman at INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FINANCE. He is editing the quarterly journal of finance - FINANCE INDIA as its Associate Editor. He is officiating Director at IIF BUSINESS SCHOOL [GGS Indraprastha University], Editorial Board member/Co-Editor of The Empirical Economics Letters, Research in Financial Economics, Global Finance Journal, Les Cahiers de la Recherche ISC, Euro-Mediterranean Economics and Finance Review, Research in Quantitative Finance and Business Management, the Journal of Financial & Risk Management Asia Pacific Journal of Finance and Banking Research, Global Journal of Finance and Banking and the Journal of Entrepreneurship and an invited Financial Expert at 123INDIA.COM. Prof. Agarwal has also been honored as the Honorary Member on the distinguished Research Board of Advisors of the American Bibliographical Institute Inc. (ABI), USA (estd. in 1967). He is invited to be the Consulting Editor of The Contemporary Who's Who, a Member MAC of Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Government of SINGAPORE; as Nominated Board Member on the The Association of Banking and Finance, SWITZERLAND & ITLAY; a board member on Global Finance Association, USA; member Advisory Board of International Masters in Quantitative Finance Program (Serbia-Montenegro); The Certificate in Finance Programs (Serbia-Montenegro); South European Center for Contemporary Finance (Serbia-Montenegro); Distinguished Visiting Research Scholar at Australian National University, AUSTRALIA (2005-07); Executive Council member on Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, India; the Regional Council Governing Body member of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, India. He is a gifted researcher and an excellent speaker. He has organized national and international conferences. He has chaired technical sessions, presented papers and participated in over hundred thirty national and international conferences, world over including several Universities in U.S.A, U.K, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Itlay, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Australia, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Uzbekistan. He is a visiting professor to universities in US, Europe, Latin America and South Asia. He is invited member on various scientific committees of international conferences and associations and observer to various research projects.

He is also actively involved with the activities of JYOTI FOUNDATION towards exchange collaborations, expansion of educational and charitable activities & government projects. He is also the Co-coordinator for Eminent Lecture Series at the institutions under the Foundation.

His in-depth analysis and views appear frequently on TV and newspapers with regards to Financial Policies, Education, Capital Markets & General Economic Scenario of the country. He is invited to deliver lectures, chair technical sessions and deliver keynote address at conferences on various aspects of Business Management & Finance. His special interests are international finance, corporate finance and derivatives. He has published over 40 research papers in highly technical refereed journals - International Review of Comparative Public Policy (USA), International Journal of Finance (USA), Finance India (INDIA), Derivative Report (RIA, USA), Vida Economica (PORTUGAL), USA Patriot Act Monitor (USA), Empirical Economic Letters (BANGLADESH), Malaysian Management Journal (MALAYSIA), The Anahua Journal (MEXICO), Lahore Journal of Economics (PAKISTAN) besides TOI (INDIA), Ananya (INDIA), Business Today (INDIA), The Smart Manager (INDIA), Treasury Management (INDIA), University Today (INDIA), Effective Executive (INDIA), Indian Express (INDIA), IIF Newsletter (INDIA), 123India.com (INDIA) and others.

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, computers, listening to music and dancing. He is a member of over 25 professional national and international academic associations and chambers of industry.

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Prof. Aman Agarwal

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