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IIF has a very high market Recognition.

IIF has established linkages with more than 200 leading professionals internationally from institutions like London School of Economics, London Business School, Harvard University, MIT, Wharton School, University of Chicago, IITs & IIMs and other institutions from U.S.A., U.K, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Australia, several countries of Asia and Africa including Nobel Laureates.

IIF has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with over 20 Universities / Institutions world wide for joint IIF Linkagesresearch, exchange of faculty and students to promote academics and international understanding.

IIF has appropriate linkages with industrial units and industry associations: FICCI, CII, PHDCCI, ASSOCHAM, DMA & AIMA.

IIF has linkages with thousands of officials & managers at top & middle level in private and public sector enterprises, banks, insurance companies, financial institutions and government, who have participated in MDPs in which IIF participated as resource faculty or coordinated.

The institution provides faculty support on invitation to deliver lectures,address seminars or conduct research activities.

IIF has established indirect linkages with about 10,000 people to whom IIF Newsletter is sent for the last 16 years.

The Best NICHE B-school FINANCE in India by outlook September 2003.

The Best Sectoral Business School in Finance in India by Outlook September 2002.

9th Best Sectoral School in India by MRDA Survey September 2001.

26th for Intellectual Captial by Indian Management (AIMA) December 2003.

21th Best placement offered Business school by Indian Management (AIMA) January 2003.

24th Best Placement offered Business School by Indian Manageent (AIMA) January 2003.

24th Best Placement offered Business School with moderate fee
by Management Refresher September 2002

25th Best B-school for placements in Indian by outlook-Money September 2003

27th for Governance by Indian Management (AIMA) January 2003

27th World Wide amongst 79 finance institutions by American Statistical Assoiation based on ratings (Business & Economic Datalinks) in August 2002. Some of the other institution rated are IFC, JP Morgan, NBER,Journal of Finance, FRB at Louis, FRB, at Chicago,Mit- Harvard Datalink, Journal of Applied Economics, US Treasury, and others.

34th Best Placement offered Business School in India by Intelligent Investor October 2001

40th World Wide amongest 148 institution (of finance, macro-econpmic and labour & micro-economic) by American Statistical Association in August 2002 based on ratings for dissemination financial and corporate information.

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