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Research and Training Division


IIF is intensively engaged in a number of research studies on different aspects of finance, investment, financial services, managerial accounting, taxation etc. to search empirically practical solutions to problems faced by Indian industry: private sector, public sector, bank, financial institutions and government. The results of such research studies are made available through publications and otherwise to the interested companies, executives, researchers and to the students of IIF with the sole objective of contribution and dissemination of knowledge.
UGC Training Workshop
IIF faculty is currently working on Black Money in India, Taxes now & then, Insurance Sector Reforms, Reliability of Chairman's forecasts in Corporate reports and Capital Flight.

IIF intends to undertakes research on behalf of sponsoring organisations - Government Departments, International Agencies such as International Labour Organisation, World Bank, United Nations, Asian Development Bank, Industry: private and public sector companies; banks and financial institutions etc. in the area of finance

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FINANCE INDIA (The Quarterly Journal of Finance)
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IIF Newsletter:
IIF also publishes a monthly Newsletter giving news and views of the Institute’s activities. It also reviews important current developments in the field of financial management and conducts discussion on various topics of contemporary relevance.

IIF Newsletter gives the details of IIF activities. A brief write up on the topics of seminars organised or addressed in India or abroad, Memoranda of Understanding signed, visits of foreign scholars, or foreign visits of IIF faculty, review of IIF publications, Finance India, brief review of reports of international financial news and reactions of readers.

IIF Newsletter is circulated free of cost to all the IIF present and past students, chairmen and managing directors of over 10,000 companies & banks, government officials, academia: universities and institutions, subscribers of Finance India and others who show particular interest in IIF Newsletter.

IIF Publications:

IIF research publications have tremendously contributed to the cause of nation building and quality of education and research. IIF is intensely engaged in research and has published a number of research books incorporating tested research findings, with practical usefulness with the sole objective of contribution and dissemination of knowledge.

  • has contributed in developing new models, theories and policy prescriptions on contemporary economic and financial issues of relevance.
  • cts as a major think tank in the country. It's news and expert opinions, often appear on All India Radio, Television, national press, research papers & books.
  • has promoted research by instituting best doctoral thesis award, and a scheme for emeritus scientists.

List of Publications:






In Rs. In US $
1. Capital Budgeting Decision under Risk & Uncertainty J.D. Agarwal 168 150 25
2. Tax Incentives & Investment Behaviour Manju Agarwal 179 175 28
3. Capital Mirage K.S. Ramachandran 168 150 25
4. Expenditure Control & Zero Base Budgeting K.L. Handa 168 120 22
5. Accounting for Financial Analysis J.D. Agarwal 435 280 38
6. Quantitative Techniques Vol. I J.D. Agarwal & Sagarika Ghosh 281 90 19
7. Quantitative Techniques Vol. II  J.D. Agarwal & Sagarika Ghosh 292 90 19
8. Economics for Decision Making Manju Agarwal 317 180 28
9. Organisation Behaviour J.D. Agarwal 227 150 25
10. International Finance Manju Agarwal 264 180 28
11. Readings in Financial Management J.D. Agarwal 497 350 45
12. Working Capital Management J.D. Agarwal 303 350 45
13. Security Analysis J.D. Agarwal 423 360 46
14. Capital Structure Decisions under Multiple Objectives : A Study of Indian Corporates Yamini Agarwal

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Financial Database:

IIF is developing a corporate information,statitics of indian and world macro economics & financial indicators.IIF is also developing a corporate financial statistics file of banks and major Indian companies. The file together with the stock exchange security prices file would be available in due course for research into corporate finance.

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Training Programs:

IIF also offers short term Management Development Programmes, to sharpen the skills in finance.

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Project Management Division

IIF launches the division in response to wide ranging enquires from Indian entrepreneurs,Business houses and NRI's for provision of consultancy regarding, business project initiation, appraisal, monitoring and other areas of comprehensive financial management.The Institute's project management division organises the above either on an assignment or on turnkey basis.

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Financial & Tax Consultancy Division

IIF also undertakes consultancy assignments in the areas of finance with the dual objectives of extending theoretical and academic concepts in the practice of management of finance in organisations and for enriching its own academic programmes through cases and by gaining insights into real life problems of organisations.

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