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International  Adsviory Council

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  International Advisory Council
J.D. Agarwal
Chairman &
Professor of Finance

Indian Institute of Finance
Editor in Chief, Finance India

Eero Vuorio
chair & Director of Biocenter Finland, University of Helsinki & Fornmerly Chancellor, University of Turku,FINLAND
Gerald Hirigoyen
President & Professor
Universite Montesquieu Bordeaux IV, FRANCE
Grzegorez W. Kolodko
Former Deputy Prime Minister & Finance Minister of Poland
Kozminski University, POLAND

Harold Bierman Jr
Distinguished Professor of Management & Finance
Johnson Cornell University, USA
Hubert Fromlet
Professor, Linnaeus Univ. & JIBS & Former Chief Economist, Swed Bank

Jean-Francois Boulier
President & Chief Executive
d'Aviva Investors France & French Finance Association (AFFI), FRANCE

Junzo Watada
The Waseda University, JAPAN
Lynn Martin
Professor of Entreprenuership & Director
Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, UK
Manuchehr Shahrokhi
Craig Fellow Professor of Global Business Finance & Editor, Global Finance Journal & ED, GFA, The California State University, USA
Mukul G. Asher
Professor of Public Policy
National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE
Peter Bielik
Rector & Prfoessor
Slovak University of Agriculture, SLOVAKIA

Surinder D. Kathpalia
Managing Director, Standard & Poor's Singapore,

Synn Ilhi
President & Professor
The Keimyung University,
Wei Zhang
Dean & Professor
The Tianjin University, CHINA

Ying Fan
Professor of Economics
The China Foreign Affairs University, CHINA

Mark Zupan
Dean &Professor of Economics & Public Policy,simon GSB Univ.of rochester,USA

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